Levis Reborn




In 2016 serial entrepreneur and inventor Phil Bevan had an idea for a new motorcycle based around the compact 2 litre V10 engine developed for the Connaught Type D GT car in 2004. Phil engaged designer Steve Kirk to produce a concept for what this new motorcycle could look like. This would be a revolutionary design using a tubular stainless steel frame with stainless infill panels and a Hossack style independent front end. Phil was so pleased with Steves design he decided to make the bike. Initially the plan was to make one bike only but after showing the design to friends and colleagues the interest and enthusiasm encouraged Phil to rethink and the fledgling motorcycle company was formed.


To secure a supply of the V10 engines Phil negotiated with the current owner and engineer Tim Bishop to buy the Connaught company. An offer was accepted and in 2017 ownership was transferred to Phil. The retention of Tims services in the new company was key as Tim was the design engineer behind the modular V10 engine and would be integral in the future development of this engine and its derivatives.


In early 2017 designer Steve Kirk also joined Phil to become Head of Design in the parent company Bevan Davidson International. Steve carried on developing the concept through 2016 and eventually produced a number of different concepts based around the initial frame idea. The V10 engine is modular in design which means it can be made in a V10, V8, V6, V4 or V2 configuration. A V8 and V6 design were chosen for the other models which included a cruiser, café racer, urban roadster and sports version.


So we now had a team of talented, passionate people who loved motorcycling, a great engine and exciting new concepts for a range of motorcycles. The key ingredients for a dynamic new British motorcycle company in a time when motorcycling is more popular than its ever been. All we needed now was a name!!


It was around this time that Phil met David Redshaw of the Auto Crowd Group. David owned the Levis and DOT motorcycle brands. The thought of resurrecting a classic old British name with the brand heritage was really appealing to Phil and after some time Phil was successful in acquiring the Levis name and subsequently the new Levis Motorcycle Company was formed in July 2017. David retains an interest and a shareholding in the company.



The Levis ethos is to be different, to tread a new path, not to follow others! We are not a mass production orientated company but more a bespoke artisan craft based passionate group of individuals, all striving for the highest quality in design, engineering and customer service. Our motorcycles are not just machines, they evoke emotions, they raise the bar and challenge the mainstream. They are ridden for the pleasure of motorcycling in its purest form. We are very proud to carry on the Levis name and are very proud to offer a new British designed and built motorcycle range.